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detour - Public Relations

With over a decade of experience managing issues at the intersection of business regulation and politics, I-71 will shape a strategic plan to communicate and implement your goals. To create support for you or your cause, you need to work the field, directly communicating with constituents, politicians and business leaders.  Activating these allies requires a comprehensive public relations plan, including public education, effective messaging, media relations and grassroots mobilization. I-71 offers tailored solutions so you can get back to work.   





checkpoint - Business Counsel

The startup, small and medium business marketplace is a fierce frontier with the constant challenge of keeping up with the fast paced and evolving economy. At the same time, large businesses are working hard to adapt to the ever changing regulatory environment. Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or a corporation I-71 provides thoughtful and strategic legal advice to clients on a wide range of issues including but not limited to business law, ethics, public records, contract negotiations and dispute resolution.



on ramp  - Political Consulting 

Elections are a little bit like the Wild West. There are a lot of gunslingers, but only one winner. I-71 provides leaders seeking federal, state and local offices with political, grassroots and legal strategy to effectively gather support, communicate their message and win elections.